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Itís funny how it all started; I just got a Kamandi Figure from my daughter for Christmas. I had the 200x version Prince Adam. So I took his vest off and put it on Kamandi just too see how it looked. I liked it so I left it that way for about a year. Then for some reason I wanted my Prince Adam to have it back, to put him back into my 200x figure collection.

As time passed I never forgot how cool it was to kind of have a 200x Adam for my MOTUC figures, so I went to a local action collectables shop (BobaKahn). I had some store credit left over for selling them a figure so I picked up another prince Adam just for the purpose of combining him with Kamandi again.

I started by putting the vest back on, cool easy. Then I was like the hair has got to be changed. Prince Adams hair was too lame, so I used a 200x ice Armor He-Man figureís hair. After the hair implant on Kamandi I realized that he had no ears.

To make the ears I mixed so different hot glue color in a paper cup with a heat gun. I kept adding in different colors a small chunk at a time until the color matched. The then sculpted the ears, by looking at the real Prince Adams head (at one point in this process I was thinking I should just swap the head but Adam head was much smaller then Kamandiís was.

At this point I realized my Kamandi figure was beyond being a Kamandi figure anymore, so I went to Wal-Mart to buy another one, but ended up getting one on eBay instead to replace the one I was getting ready to cut up. ( I couldnít destroy my figure my daughter got me)

After I got the new one, I now had to work on the forearms. I heated up the 200x Adam figure, and popped off his gloves (easy). Then I cut the Kamandi figures arms in the same place, preceded to drill holes to match the gloves. I also had to trim the end of the insert pins of the glove to fit. What a pain, this is the only figure like this I will ever make.

I took off the coat again and painted his torso white. (I few coats of paint with drying time between each coat) Pulled off the 200x Adams belt, put it on Kamandi, put the coat back on, put the new gloves into the holes, and soooo cool I could see it coming together. I grabbed a queen Marlena gun and holster to make the strap to go across the front. (I also added 2 layers heat shrink to the gun handle to make the handle larger to fit into his hand correctly.

OK I thought I was done. Here I had a cool Prince Adam 200x MOTUC version in blue cut offs. I thought it was cool. As time went by and others saw it on-line it came apparent I still wasnít done. The cut-offs were not cutting it. So I thought about all the DCU figures and came up with Captain cold, for his pants and boots.

I searched eBay, Amazon, and finally found one on eBay still in the box at a good price, but the seller shipping was outrageous, and when I asked him to please sell him to me and ship him loose he turned me down. I went back to BobaKahn and they had one for a decent price, no shipping required.
That night I couldnít wait. I tore into the package and opened captain cold and started to pull him apart to figure out how I was going to combine these two figures. My plan was to combine them at the waist, but as I was pulling him apart I figured the best place was really the ab-crunch area. So I kept captain coldís ab-crunch to his feet the same, and pulled apart my custom figure to fit them together.

Being I have only customized MOTUC figures in the past I was expecting that these figures would fit together seamlessly without any problem, boy was I wrong, they where not even the same spacing, and the interlocking feature inside was different. After about 2 hours of careful dremel-ing I got it to fit. (Again, this will be my last figure like this.)

I reassembled the parts. I then painted the new ab-section white. Waited until the next day to put his coat on, put the sword in his hand, and he was done.

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