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Before pictures:


First pull off his head and lower body

Next pull off the arms where the shoulder and bicep meet.

Use hot water in a cup heated up in the microwave.


Drop the torso in the hot water cup to soften the armor


Carefully pull the armor/snake skin one arm at a time.

Use a small screw driver and carefully pry the torso apart at the neck hole


Switch the shoulders, but notice one of them doesn't fit right after the switch.

They are different widths.  I think Mattel made this to be a fail safe so the factory workers could only put it in one way, too bad the only way they would fit was the wrong way.

So you have to sand down one of them


Keep checking until it fits, then clean it up.

Add super glue to these 4 locations, just a very small dab.

      Snap the body back together                              Heat up the outer skin/armor


Slip the outer skink back on 


Put the whole thing back in hot water to shrink the skin.

Leave it in the water for a few minutes to give the skin time to reshape.

Reheat the arms.


Cool down the connection points on the shoulders, then put the arms back on.

Put the rest of the figure back together

Here he is done:

I'm selling one of these on eBay already fixed for you click here to see it.


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