Hip Fix for Tallstar






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Before pictures:


First pull off all the removable parts you can:

Heat the skirt then flip it up:


Crack apart:

Drop the torso in the hot water cup to soften the armor


Sand upward and toward the back a little.

Here's how the holes on both sides looks after being sanded and the o-rings needed:


Pinch and insert one O-Ring across both side.

Insert each Leg one at a time, making sure they loop into the O-Ring:


Here's how it look, leave the O-Ring sticking out for now:

Add super glue just a very small dab:


Heat again:

           Put the skirt back down.                                         Use a flat screwdriver to press in the O-Ring 


Put the whole thing back together add extensions as wanted.

(I used 4 sets of extensions).

I may be selling one of these on eBay already fixed for you click here to see.


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