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Before Pictures:

Here's He-Man still in the box, but his hair is located too high on his head.


So first we have to get his head hair off:

I put a paper cup in the microwave for about 3 minutes, then soaked his head in the cup for about 2 minutes: 

This makes the plastic soft a pliable. 

Then just pull his hair off:

We can see the main problem is the part of the hair that goes into the channel on his head is shifted sideways in the front as shown here by the blue arrow going down:

The blue arrows on the side show excess glue and now paint that must be removed.

Sand the inside of the hair to fix the issues:

Here's how it looks after sanding:

Check it for sizing and sand more if needed, add a drop a glue, push the hair back on and here you go:

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