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How to Make a lighted Orb stand:


Here are the tools you'll need to make one:

Here are the materials you'll need:


Let's first talk about the Electric flameless Tea-light Candle:

They glow yellow and flicker to look like a candle.

This will not work for our purposes. 

See how it looks when loosely put together the ball on tops looks really bad and the wrong color.


So our first order of business is to change out that yellow blinking bulb for a new solid bright one:






Use another bulb from a LED flash light or the store.

Put it in a vise and solder the new bulb on the Tea-Light:








Here's how it looks loosely assembled:

But even though this looks really cool, and my wife tells me she like how the whole pillar glows, this is not the intent.  The Orb is magic, not the pillar.


So our next step is to only have the Orb light up.

To block the light we need to create a foil insert.

This step is very challenging, make sure the shiny side faces in so the light can bounce around and make our orb brighter:






Here's how it looks at this point:

It's looking better, but the base it still glowing, so we need to block the light for that as well.



For this we are going to need Poster putty, either blue or white:

Roll it into a ball
Then a snake
Wrap it around the wires
Flatten to block the hole

Next apply some super glue to the bottom of the pillar in 4 places:

Quickly put the base on.  The foil will push up some, but that if fine, press hard and make sure it's centered.

Wait a few minutes...

Take the orb and set it on top then press it down, this will push the foil insert into the Poster putty and seal the light in.




Here's how it looks at this point:

Now notice the sharp corners that still need to be trimmed.

For this you'll use a Dremel Tool.
Put it in a vise so you don't get hurt.




Now just paint it the way you want, here are some examples of ones that I have painted:


See if I have any for sale click here


The Orb is from the newest King Grayskull action figure

The pillar comes in a 4 pack from Wilton for wedding cakes:

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