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What program do you use to make all awesome your graphics?

I use Paint shop pro - It rocks when it comes to quick and easy graphic creation,  editing, or touchup; and it even comes with a great program called Animation Shop for making animated gifs and such:

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Can you send me the new He-Man cartoons on a video?


   They might be coming out soon on DVD. Let's all hope they come out soon, but until then, please don't bootleg videos, they will make the chances of getting the DVD less.

Update they came out on DVD:

Buy He-man Cartoons

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Where do I get the old He-Man cartoon from the 1980's?

   Buy it here now, the old cartoon are now out on DVD.

The new DVDs are out and you can buy them right here:

Buy He-man Cartoons

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Where can I buy a Sun-Man Figure?

Try E-bay 



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Where can I go to get more information about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?

We just happen to have a forum where you can  ask questions and/or give advice or  opinions on He-Man and other things.

Lounge Grayskull Forum

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What are some cartoon facts?

Man-At-Arms real name is Duncan, he is Teela's adopted father.

He-Man's cat's name is Battle Cat, and is named Cringer before he change into Battle Cat.

He-Man's Alter ego is Prince Adam, and he holds his sword up and say's, "By the power of Grayskull, I have the power" to turn into He-Man.

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