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  The History of the Eternia:

These are different version of the Master of the universe History, so with that in mind some of this may seam convoluted.


There is this idea of a Pre-Eternia, where snake men, giants, dinosaurs, & He-Ro roamed.

Here's an example of a comic that talks about it:

   Pre-Eternia (Mini-comic)

Before prince Adam existed

The first beginnings of the He-Man saga did not include Prince Adam in the story.

This comic excerpt is from one of those early Mini-comics and it shows He-Man's origin:

1st He-Man comic - He-Man and the Power Sword ]

The next 3 Mini-comics:

2nd King of Castle Grayskull ] 
3rd Battle in the Clouds ]
4th The Vengeance of Skeletor ]

The special editions to the first 4

The Triumph of Skeletor - By Danbrenus ]
[ Battles Across Eternia - By Danbrenus ]



The Price Adam time

This is the main He-Man story almost everybody knows, but even in this there are slight variations

1980 Cartoon

Beginning of the Cartoon

Pictures from the Show


2002 Cartoon

Origin of He-Man

Origin of Skeletor



The Golden Book Version

Transformation from the Videos

The inside cover says:

"Once upon a time ... a rocket from Earth crashed far, far away. The pilot found herself lost on the planet Eternia.

Eternia looked like Earth. But magic and strange beasts and wonderful machines filled this world.

The Earth woman Marlena married Eternia's King Randor. They had a son, Prince Adam. The Prince grew up in the palace, but the secret of his destiny was locked inside Castle Grayskull along with the ancient secrets of Eternia.

The guardian of Castle Grayskull was Sorceress. She kept watch over Eternia, flying as the falcon Zoar, and used her mystical powers to defend the side of goodness.

It was Sorceress who told Prince Adam his destiny and gave him the Power Sword. With it, he became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe and the protector of Castle Grayskull. Prince Adam's pet tiger Cringer turned into the mighty Battle Cat, He-Man's faithful companion.
Only Orko, the court magician, and Man-at-Arms, He-Man's best friend, knew this secret. Even Prince Adam's parents and Teela, captain of the guard, saw him only as the prince of Eternia. Prince Adam kept his secret because danger lived on Eternia.

On one side of the planet, the sun never shined. There, inside Snake Mountain, the wicked Skeletor planned new ways to find out Castle Grayskull's secrets. And still others with bad intentions waited on other worlds, ready to disturb Eternia's peaceful way of life.

Against them all stood only He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!"

2008 Masters of the Universe Classics:

By the Power of Grayskull™, we’ve got Masters of the Universe® Classics! All your favorite characters from the worlds of He-Man® and She-Ra™ come to life as highly-detailed, fully-articulated action figures. Update your collection by visiting every month when old and new fan favorites alike become available.
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The first one out was King Grayskull (Comic Con figure), by far the coolest figure when he was released. 

King GrayskullKing Grayskull™ Bio

Long before Prince Adam held the Sword of Power to become He-Man, his ancestor, King Grayskull defended Eternia from evil. Heroically mastering the secret power of his sword, Grayskull™ fought side-by-side with the cosmic warrior He-Ro against both the evil Hordak and King Hssss™.

Although Grayskull™ eventually fell before Hordak’s magic, he was able to preserve his powers inside the sword, so that one day his descendants could reclaim the power and call upon Grayskull's name whenever evil threatens the peace of Eternia. To this day, Grayskull’s spirit remains hidden away deep inside the castle which will forever bear his name.

Here is the toy doing a cool side kick, now when I set this picture up I made him free standing, meaning I didn't use any poster putty or anything else to aid in his foot sticking to the ground.


Click here to see them all with a price guide

Castle Graskull

The toy version

Castle Grayskull  - Trap Door

2002 Castle Grayskull

The Golden Books video version

The Filmation version


Snake Mountain

The toy version

Snake Mountain

The Golden Books version

The Filmation version


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