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Ok I've always liked the first 4 story comics of He-Man that came with the figures, before the other comics and before the cartoon....

This is one of those comics that came with the first batch of He-Man Toys:
He-Man and the Power Sword

My Commentary:




OK, Here we have the cave man He-man or even a Tarzan He-Man

Notice his name is already He-Man.




      A mighty figure stood at the edge of the jungle that had, until this day, always been his home.  He-Man, the tribe's greatest warrior, waved his farewell.  He might have preferred to stay, but he had a noble mission to accomplish.  
      "Evil forces exist on our planet Eternia," He-Man told his people.  "They seek to control the legendary Castle Grayskull, a place of wonders.  If we are to know a lasting peace, I must go out and battle those forces. Farewell."

Don't raise your sword to turn into He-Man, just attack!
(No prince Adam!)

      The outside world had long been a mystery to He-Man's tribe, although they had heard the fantastic tales about the mysterious Castle Grayskull.  He-Man was the first of his people to trudge these craggy cliffs and quake-torn valleys.   His homeland was already in the distant mists when he heard the cry for help.  
      Gazing Into the valley, He-Man saw that his courage and jungle-bred strength were already needed!


Look he is already strong!


Get him He-man!

      In a blur of bronze movement, He-Man leaped from the cliff side and onto his shaggy foe.  His powerful fingers dug deeply into the monster's hide.  But He-Man was not fighting this creature alone.
      He-Man glimpsed the woman as she gestured magically and attacked the creature with mystical bolts of force.  "She is a sorceress!" he thought.  But her magic hardly fazed the animal.  The same could not be said of He-Man's might.


This armor will make him stronger. 

It's science, not magic that makes him stronger.

      Defeated, the animal fled, while the Sorceress regained her breath. "Your strength.. . your courage" she said, "mark you as the legendary hero who is to inherit the treasures I have guarded all these years.  They were made centuries before the Great Wars by Eternia's scientists"
      Inside the ancient ruins, the Sorceress gave He-Man the guarded costumes and weapons.  "They will add to your strength.  Use them wisely - especially in defense of Castle Grayskull."



The He-Man that I knew and with my figures I would pretend with. 
This guy is one cool dude!


Look close at the knife in his right boot- just like the new jungle attack He-man 2002 - Too cool!

      Riding in the strange vehicle, which was a combination battering ram, catapult, and space-warp device- He-Man set off again on his mission. A particular valley, still miles away from the castle, struck his fancy. This valley would serve as his new home and headquarters.
      Wearing the costume that gave him superhuman strength, He-Man went to work carving out his new home -using no tools other than the power in his fists.


Ok this is just the first 5 pages of this comic, in total it has 24 pages.

To see the full comic click here

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