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You have a figure that either falls on his face all the time or else has to lean so far back to stand it looks weird.

The problem is that the toes are pointing up:

Here’s how to fix that problem:

Boil some water and put the figures foot in it.  Keep checking until the foot can be bent easily, don't let it touch the bottom for the pan!

Then put the foot in ice water while holding the toes pointed down.



Next put them in the freezer for about one to 2 hours to let it set up in that new shape.


Before the foot fix

After the foot fix

Foot Before

 Foot After

I used the boiling water technique to make all these guys stand better.

The one that came out the best was Trap Jaw. He used to have to bend so far back to off set the weight of his gun, with just a few steps now he can stand up right.

All you have to do is heat him up in some boiling water, straighten his knees a little, bend his toes down, then put him in ice water.


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