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   First a figure with the head off. 
In this case  BA Skeletor head is off.  His original head is hollow.

SpaceGhost posted:

"What worked, was twisting the figure head counter clockwise until it screwed in, I was just trying to shove it in there. 

but it needs to have that little peg intact on there. Mine was a little wobbly, but it still worked."

If you still can't get it because of that little peg keeps moving on you try this:



You'll need:

  1. a 1/16th drill bit, 
  2. a drill motor and 
  3. if you want some hot glue.

Pull off the arm


Take the  1/16th drill bit and drill though the outer plastic only

Turn the figure upside-down (So the peg falls toward the top of the figure.)

Aim the drill bit toward the peg and drill at an angle keeping the figure still upside-down.

Now drill though the inner wall.

Leave the drill bit in the hole to hold the peg up while you reattach the head as specified by SpaceGhost above.

Take out the drill bit and if you want fill the hole with hot glue.

Put the arm back on.


An easier way put a Masters on the Universe figure's head back on:

Pull out the center pin with some pliers: (Careful it's easy to crack the torso)

Then push the head on, if needed use a small flat screw driver to push the ridge down:

That's it

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