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Prince Adam
Prince of Eternia - (Secret Identity of He-Man)


Mini Comic Prince Adam:

     Originally there was no Prince Adam, it wasn't until later comics that they added him to match the cartoon.

1980's Cartoon Prince Adam:

     Prince Adam would transform into He-Man.  He was totally invincible.  He could do anything, even stuff outside reason.  It was as if the writers couldn't think of anything to end the story, so He-Man would do some unbelievable feat.

1980's Movie Prince Adam:

     No Adam in this version, just was always He-Man

2002 Prince Adam:

     Similar to the 1980 cartoons.  When he would transform from Prince Adam to He-Man he would increase in size as well, but his strength had limits  It reminded me of that hero Captain Marvel (you know, Sha-zam.)

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