08-SDCC: King Grayskull
12-Monthly: He-Man
12-Monthly: Beast Man

01-Monthly: Skeletor
02-Monthly: Stratos
03-Monthly: Faker
04-Monthly: Mer-Man
05-Monthly: Zodac
06-Monthly: Hordak
07-Monthly: Man-At-Arms
08-SDCC: He-Ro
08-Monthly: Tri-Klops
09-Monthly: Webstor
10-Monthly: Teela
10-Bonus: Zodak
11-Monthly: Scareglow
12-Monthly: King Randor
12-Bonus: The Goddess

01-Monthly: Adora
01-Quarterly: Battle Armor He-Man
02-Monthly: Trap Jaw
02-Large: Battle Cat
03-Monthly: Moss Man (Flocked)
03-Monthly: Moss Man (Unflocked) (Link #1)
03-Monthly: Moss Man (Unflocked) (Link #2)
04-Monthly: Evil-Lyn (Link #1)
04-Monthly: Evil-Lyn (Link #1)
04-Subscription: Wun-Dar
04-Bonus: Weapons Pak: Ultimate Battleground
05-Monthly: Optikk
05-Large: Tytus
06-Monthly: She-Ra
06-Quarterly: Keldor
07-Monthly: Count Marzo
07-SDCC: Orko + Adam (Attendee)
07-SDCC: Orko + Adam (Mattycollector)
07-SDCC: Mo-Larr vs Skeletor
08-Monthly: Whiplash
09-Monthly: Chief Carnivus
09-Large: Gygor
10-Monthly: Roboto
11-Monthly: Grizzlor
11-Quarterly: King Grayskull v2
11-Bonus: Weapons Pak: Great Wars
12-Monthly: Buzz-Off

01-Monthly: Vikor
01-Bonus: Eternian Palace Guards 2-Pack
02-Monthly: Bow
02-Large: Shadow Beast
02-Subscription: Preternia He-Man
03-Monthly: King Hssss
03-Quarterly: Battle Armor Skeletor (Link #1)
03-Quarterly: Battle Armor Skeletor (Link #2)
04-Monthly: Sy-Klone
04-Large: Panthor
04-Bonus: Weapons Rack
05-Monthly: Catra
06-Monthly: Faceless One
06-Quarterly: Battleground Teela
07-Monthly: Clawful
07-SDCC: Queen Marlena + Cringer
07-SDCC: Captain Glenn + Cringer
08-Monthly: Man-E-Faces
08-Large: Megator
09-Monthly: Leech
09-Quarterly: Hurricane Hordak
10-Monthly: Icarius
11-Monthly: Snout Spout
11-Large: Swiftwind
11-Bonus: Bubble Power She-Ra
12-Monthly: Demo-Man
12-Quarterly: Battleground Evil-Lyn
12-Bonus: Wind Raider

01-Large: Star Sisters
02-Monthly: Sorceress
02-Monthly: Fisto
02-30th Anniversary: Fearless Photog
02-Subscription: Shadow Weaver
03-Monthly: Kobra Khan
04-Quarterly: Thunder Punch He-Man
04-30th Anniversary: Draego-Man
05-Monthly: Stinkor
05-Monthly: Slush Head
05-30th Anniversary: The Mighty Spector
06-Monthly: Horde Prime
06-Quarterly: Snake Man-At-Arms
06-Large: Griffin
07-Monthly: Spikor
07-SDCC: Vykron
07-SDCC Vykron (Tank Top)
07-SDCC Vykron (Space Ace)
08-30th Anniversary: Sir Laser-Lot
09-Monthly: Mekaneck
09-Quarterly: Dragon Blaster Skeletor
09-Large: Snake Men 2-Pack
10-Monthly: Frosta
10-Monthly: Rattlor
10-30th Anniversary: Cy-Chop
10-Bonus: Weapons Pak: Great Unrest
11-Monthly: Dekker
11-Quarterly: Eternios Palace Randor
11-30th Anniversary: Castle Grayskullman
12-Monthly: Mosquitor
12-Large: Procrustus
12-Bonus: Granamyr
99-Convention: Temple of Darkness Sorceress

01-Monthly: Netossa
02-Monthly: Jitsu
02-Quarterly: Ram-Man
03-Monthly: Fang Man
03-Subscription: King He-Man
04-Monthly: Snake Face
05-Monthly: Karatti
05-Quarterly: Fighting Foe Men 3-Pack
06-Monthly: Octavia
07-Monthly: Clamp Champ
07-Quarterly: New Adventures He-Man
07-Filmation: Icer
07-SDCC: Rokkon + Stonedar 2-Pack
08-Monthly: Castaspella
08-Filmation: Shokoti
09-Filmation: Batros
09-Bonus: Sky High + Jet Sled
10-Monthly: Mantenna
10-Monthly: Lord Dactus
10-Filmation: Nepthu
10-Quarterly: Horde Troopers 2-Pack
10-Bonus: Weapons Pak: End of War
11-Monthly: Geldor
11-Filmation: Sea Hawk
12-Monthly: Plundor
12-Filmation: Strong-Or
12-Bonus: Standor
12-Bonus: Castle Grayskull
99-Convention: Strobo
99-Chase: Spirit of Hordak

01-Monthly: Two-Bad
02-Monthly: Glimmer
02-Quarterly: Modulok
03-Monthly: Hydron
03-Subscription: The Unnamed One
04-Monthly: Blade
05-Monthly: Scorpia
05-Quarterly: Battle Lion
06-Monthly: Extendar
07-Monthly: Flogg
07-Etheria: Double Mischief
07-SDCC: Filmation Hordak
08-Monthly: Flutterina
08-Etheria: Madame Razz & Broom
08-Quarterly: Intergalactic Skeletor
09-Monthly: Rio Blast
09-Etheria: Entrapta
10-Monthly: Eldor
10-Etheria: Sweet Bee
10-Etheria Subscription: Light Hope
11-Monthly: Tung Lashor
11-Etheria: New Adventures She-Ra
11-Quarterly: Arrow
11-Bonus: Battle Ram + Man-At-Arms
12-Monthly: Mermista
12-Etheria: Spinnerella
12-Holiday: Gwildor
99-Convention: Goat-Man
99-Chase: Loo-Kee & Kowl
99-Baby Skeletor

01-Monthly: Lizard Man

02-Monthly: Ninja Warrior (Ninjor)
02-Quarterly: Snake Armor He-Man & Battle Armor King Hsss
03-Monthly: Huntara
03-Subscription: Oo-Lar
04-Monthly: Queen Angella
05-Monthly: Blast Attak
06-Monthly: Sssqueeze
06-Quarterly: Multi-Bot
07-Monthly: Peekablue
07-200X: Callix
07-SDCC: Rotar vs Twistoid
08-Monthly: Mara of Primus
08-200X: Evil Seed
08-Quarterly: Buzz Saw Hordak
09-Monthly: Saurod
09-200X: King Chooblah
10-Monthly: Perfuma
10-200X: Ceratus
10-Quarterly: Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor
11-Monthly: Dragstor
11-Bonus: Point Dread & Talon Fighter + Teela
99-Convention: Hover Robots
99-Chase: Spirit of Grayskull

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