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My Stories of the Masters of the Universe :


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He-Man Hill

In this clip He-Man finds two dastardly dudes sliding down the hill to escape from a heist
Save the Castle
He-Man and the other Heroic Masters of the Universe are in battle with Skeletor and his troops.
Skeletor Again
Skeletor has a new found power, the Orb of Weakening.
Cage Match
Skeletor and Man-At-Arms are kidnapped by the Evil Horde and forced to fight in a slime pit arena.
Faker's Transformation
This one is pretty basic; Faker turns from blue to He-Man's skin color right before your eyes.
Evil Robot Battle
Faker and Trap-Jaw battle it out to see who is the better robot, granted Trappy's not all robot, but his arm is.
Bone Guys Attack
Skeletor has a new force of evil mutant bone warriors.  He sends them to Castle Grayskull to attack.
He-Man & Skull Ghost
Scooby Doo and the gang meet He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  Itís a comic that I made for my son ... Video is Macromedia Flash Format
Training Pt.1
Man-at-arms decides to show He-Man how to get rid of Skeletor. Video is Animated GIF Format
Training Pt 2
He-Man shows Man-At-Arms that he, too, can use his axe to take out Skeletor. Video is Animated GIF Format
He-Man kicks ... Butt He-Man takes on 2 Mutant Warriors at once, in just one powerful swing of his weapon.  Video is Animated GIF Format
Lion-O -VS- He-Man
I made this, in answer to a question, "Who would win in a fight between He-Man and Lion-O?" Video is Animated GIF Format
Test new Weapon
This is a new weapon that I made for Man-At-Arms out of Sculpy. Video is Animated GIF Format
Merman -VS- Tri-Klops
Also I wanted to play on the tension between these two evil Masters of the Universe. Video is Animated GIF Format

Skeletor's Conquest
I wanted to show the cool features of the new 2002 Castle Grayskull, and have some fun in the process.

Video is Animated GIF Format

Why so many Ram-Men?
I have many Ram-Man figures, but what to do with them all?  Video is Animated GIF Format
Mekaneck sucks
The Evil Horde is charging toward Mekaneck, and over the COM-link...

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Story Starters
9 Different Story beginnings to get your imagination flowing.

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Made by Other People

Pig Boy's Music Video

This is a really cool He-Man Tribute music video made by Pig boy. Video is Microsoft Media Format

The Triumph of Skeletor - By Danbrenus ] Video is Macromedia Flash Format

Cover - Click to see full cover

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