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First reborn Christian on Eternia.  He found a bible in an old rocket from earth  (The rocket that Marlena piloted)

   The Bible he found was a Gideon Bible with the plan of salvation in the front of it.  (Those Gideon's get those bibles everywhere.)

   He-Bro uses the power of God as Sampson did in the old-testament.  When the spirit of the Lord comes upon him, then he has great strength. 

His bible can transform into the Sword of the Spirit.  Then he can really kick some tush.

Jukka-Hebro2008.jpg (107165 bytes)

This is an E-mail we received:

"Hi, He-bro!
I was going through your website,
and I liked your videos!
When I went to He-bro -page, I had an inspiration.
...and here it is:
you can do what you want with it, but I´d appreciate
it, if you could mention, that I´ve done it.

This is so Cool!!!!!
Thanks Jukka

(check out Jukka'a art site)

He-Bro(SunManCustom)sunset.jpg (318303 bytes) I got this in the mail from skeletoncrew  The MASTER CASTER of  COTU, he made this awesome figure, then gave it to me. 

"...he ended up a little more wobbly in the head than I would have liked, but that was an accident in cleaning up the pieces, not typical of most of the figures (and I'll be being more careful in the future)...also, he has the "old school" version of the armor, I have using a different resin now that is more flexible and works like the original armors...also, if you ever want to take off his armor, just use a hair dryer to heat up the plastic and it will become pliable...

if you want (and haven't already) feel free to post your close up thoughts about him in his thread...i always like to get other people's impressions out there and since few of these have gotten out yet the impressions are pretty limited..."


Thank you again for the figure - He is one of my favorites.

Jon English (masterenglish) made this really cool custom He-Bro so I thought I would post it here for all to see:

"Thanks to org member He-Bro for his character idea, and to COTU (the best customizers ever) for the non ending inspiration from their customs. I used their design/ color scheme because its perfect!

You can learn more about this cool character by visiting He-Bro's website here: http://he-man.us/biographies/townies/He-Bro.html

Recipe: Palace Guard base figure, TRU He-Man boots, black Palace Guard head with epoxy and ears from a WWE kane."

(That would be sooooo cooool to have one of these.)

Check out some of masterenglish's other awesome customs: http://masterenglish.deviantart.com/gallery/10224627

My new Custom:He-Bro2013NewMOTUCCustom.jpg (261678 bytes)

Now that Clamp Champ has been released again, I had to make a new He-Bro figure.  I bought a new 200x He-Man just for his armor.  I think He-Bro looks best with this armor as see in the Drawing that Jukka drew above.


Over the years I’ve been asked "how did you come up with He-Bro", so here’s the story:

I bought a bunch of He-Man figures from eBay in 1999-ish, and in the pile I dumped on the floor was a dark brown human He-Man figure, with no armor. Now keep in mind I stopped collecting in 1985. So I never saw this figure before. So I took a pictures of him and sent it to He-man.org to ask who this figure is. I put regular He-Man armor on him and it looked cool.

I went to work (I worked the nightshift) and while I was there a friend (Jeff) and I started talking about He-Man figures, and come to find out my older friend Jeff, had a son who was big into these figures. So I asked him if he knew the figure’s name. Jeff told me he didn’t know any of the names, except He-Man and Skeletor. 

Jeff told me he used to make up names just for fun and to annoy his son. So he and I went back and forth talking about ridiculous names for figures. One, I can remember, Jeff came up was Sphinck-stor, a man with a big butt for a face. As we tossed more names around, after many names and lots of laughs the name “He-Bro” came out, I’m not sure who said it first, but I claimed it for my figure that was awaiting me at home.

He-Man.org did get back to me and referred to the figure as Clamp Champ, but since I had no clamp for him, and I already renamed him He-Bro this toy was staying with the name He-Bro.

I came up with the story line, of how he found the Bible in Marlena’s Spaceship from Earth then became the first Christian on Eternia. 

So that’s how I named him, and how my custom figure was made.








Side note:

If you like this idea feel free to copy it,  others have and I'm OK with that.

If you take offense to this idea,  remember, these are my toys, my story, and my web page.  It's the way that I want to pretend with my figures.  So in any case, do what you want with your own figures, feel free to make your own site and tell stories of the way you envision your toys, after all it's your imagination, this is just an example of mine.

If you don't care either way, that's cool too, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even me.  

So don't trash other's ideas, just choose to make your own.

- He-Bro   

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