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Crab Freak:

His claws are both the same size.  His family disowned him, because of this strange birth defect.


Source: WDFW, S. Sullivan

There is a legend that states: someday a crab with 2 equal claws will come and rule as "The King Crab".  

Is Crab Freak this long awaited king as foretold?


How the custom figure was made:

I used a Dremel Rotary Tool and cut off the right arm of a Clawful figure right above the elbow, them I cut this guys left arm right below the elbow. This gave me some extra material to work with on both arms.

I sanded both arms until the fit nicely together.

Then I took a small rod (1/8 of an inch) and heated it up and shoved it in to one of the arms, then heated it again then pushed the two parts together.

With both parts of the arms lined up together, I used a hot knife to melt around the joint to make it appear seamless.


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