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The Tale of My Two Teelas.

   When I was a young kid I only had one Teela, but as we know in the comics there were two characters named Teela, the warrior one and the goddess one. (They have replaced the goddess one with the sorceress, Teela-na.)

   So I would pull her armor on and off and pretend that I had both Teela figures; armor on the powerful one, armor off the warrior one. As time went on I started to pretend that they were the same person and Teela just fooled everyone.

   She would transform into the goddess one, when no one was looking. The funny part about this is I didnít have a prince Adam, so she was the only person who would transform.

Really there were 3 if you count the green one;
the green one is the goddess one, just green.

They never made this green figure though.

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