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Other Heroic Masters of the Universe

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  1. Buzz-Off

  2. Mekaneck

  3. Orko

  4. Roboto

  5. Stratos

  6. Sy-Klone



Bio of Buzz-Off

He's a bee guy.

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Bio of Mekaneck

Injured in Battle, Man-At-Arms made a bionic neck for him. He is now the look out for the Heroic Masters of the Universe.  He also has some sorta zooming feature like binoculars built into his helmet.

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Bio of Orko

He came from Trolla, where he was a powerful sorcerer.  Eternia is a backwards place compared to Trolla, so in Eternia he is a bumbling Magician that lost his magic amulet while saving Prince Adam when the prince was a young boy.  Thus diminishing Orko's powers even more.

So now he is just a jester for the king and his court, what insult to the mighty Orko of Trolla.

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Bio of Roboto:

Made as a chess robot for Man-E-Faces by Mat-At-Arms.  Now his a strategic & powerful ally against the evil forces of Skeletor.

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Bio of Stratos:

Master of the sky, once evil (in the mini comics) now a good guy.

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Bio of Sy-Klone:

His Bio varies, from being made by the horde to away existing in the from he is now.  Either way he is very powerful.  The old version could fly as he made his tornado behind him.

As a toy he has this spinning action that makes it fun to play.  When I was a child I remember sitting in car waiting for my mom to come out of the store just spinning this guy around and around until my thumb was sore from the dial on the side of the toy to make the top half of the toy spin.

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