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So, you always wondered where to store all your figure's weapons.


Here's a good way; use hair rubber bands.

The making of Rubber Band SheathsTie two of those hair rubber bands (the type without the metal splice; "Ouchless") together to make two arm holes.  Then slide them on your figure.  Now take your weapons and load them into your toy's new sheath on his/her back.

I came across these one day in my wife's arsenal of hair products.  She had many different colors and sizes.  Soon all my figures had new weapon holders.

They work great for Man-E-Faces' gun as a holster around his waist, just like the one pictured below for Man-At-Arm's mace at his side.  But for this type you just use one rubber band and tie a slip knot in one end.
Rear view of figures
Now the Masters of the Universe can have their hands free to fight, drive, ride, or just surf the internet. You can even use these rubber bands to have Buzz-Off hold a weapon worthy of his name.
Front view of figures
To see more uses for these sheaths surf our site.

Talk about these cool weapon holders for your action figures here:


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