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I had a jump drive that the shell was removable and I thought, I could put this in something else, my first thought was Faker being he is a robot, but then I thought my friends at work would not at first glance think he is a robot, but I had a few extra Roboto figures, hence was born my Roboto Jump drive:

I used a Dremel Rotary Tool and cut a hole in his side the size of the jump drive, shoved the drive in, then added a o-ring that I super-glued in place, the drive can still be removed for cleaning of the figure or replacing the drive.

When the drive is removed the o-ring stays in place. (I've had to pull it out once because the figure needed to be cleaned on the inside again, I had some debris that I missed the first time.)

What I like to pretend is that Roboto has some secret new weapon design on his jump drive. 

Then he has to deliver it to someplace really far away that will mass produce this weapon for the royal guard of Eternia.

Because this information is so sensitive, and with the fear of Skeletor intercepting it, they donít want to send the information any other way.

Then I will load a file onto his drive. I know it doesnít really matter if the file is on there or not, but it makes it more fun to have it on there.

Here's the file if you want to download it:


or the Screen saver version:

He-Man Lazer Rifle Screen Saver.exe

Well hereís an update, I added Fistoís hand to Him, he looks way cooler.

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