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You have some parts and accessories, but not enough
Here's how to make you own reproductions

Here's the stuff you'll need:

1.) Hot glue gun
2.) Various colors of hot glue
3.) Some sort of mold release
4.) And Sculpey to make the molds
5.) Scissors

Making the molds:

(Watch animated gif)

First get the item you want to reproduce.
Cut the  Sculpey close to the shape of the object
Press the object into the Sculpey, about half way
Make holes around the mold to be used latter to line up the two parts of the mold
Check your work and make any adjustments
Pull the object from the Sculpey
Cook it in the oven
Put the object back in the mold (After it cools)
Put some Sculpey over the top to make the other side of the mold
Pull it off - Remove the object - Cook it.

Using the molds:


(Watch animated gif)

First Spray mold release.
Add hot glue into the mold.
Put the other half of mold on and squeeze
Wait for it to cool, then open the mold.
Cut off the excess
Put the new part on your figure.

Check all the caution labels and have a fire extinguisher near by, some mold releases are very flammable!


You can mix and match colors of hot glue in the molds and look, the power sword is two sided not just flat on one side.


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