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Our own video games:

She-Ra, Race to Grayskull

A full playable game.  Very cool.  Free download  here on this site.
( To try to get people to visit our sponsor we have 3 questions to answer about our sponsor before you can download the game.)

Ram-Man Video Game - Quest for ???  

Not done yet, but I have a test run to download:

He-Bro's Battle Board (RPG Helper)  

You can see what this game is about, but you have to order the disk to play.

Lounge Grayskull Member's 
Video games:

Bop Orko - by Mathias 

Free Download:  Bop_Orko.exe

Masters of the Universe : 
Heart of Steal - by Mathias

Cool 5 level game

Other Stuff:

Classic Figure Machine
made by Idiot Fool
Roboto Flash Drive
(Includes Rifle secret plans download)
He-Man Lazer Rifle Screen Saver.exe

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