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This is my page of short starter stories, to give you some ideas to play out with your Masters of the Universe figures, when you're bored.

  1. Mekaneck's Day to be a Hero.

  2. The Capture of Leech

  3. Sy-Klone's Run In with Fate.

  4. Stinkor's Revenge

  5. Has He-Man Met His End?

  6. Brothers Unite

  7. A New Member to join the Horde?

  8. He-Man and Teela together finally.

  9. Battle on Merman's Turf 

Mekaneck's Day to be a Hero. 

   Here Mekaneck is in a standoff against whiplash and Hordak.  Hordak has a new cool looking green weapon in his hand that no-one on Eternia knows what it does, not even Hordak himself.  

   Mekaneck took Stratos' backpack, but now realizes that he has no idea how to fly it. 

   The clashing of swords between Mekaneck and Whiplash has begun. 

   What's going to happen?   Only you know.... 
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The Capture of Leech

   The good forces of Eternia (Mekaneck and  Fisto) have captured the illusive Leech.  

   But can they keep him at bay until they reach the Eternian jail?  
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Sy-Klone's Run In with Fate.

Sy-Klone's Radar is being jammed by the special armor that Webstor is wearing.  

This armor was made by Man-At-Arms in order to block Skeletor's  radar when he comes to attack.  

Webstor snuck into the palace and stole the armor right out of Man-At-Arms lab. But now the thing that Man-at-Arms made to stop Skeletor and his Evil Masters of the Universe are now being used against his very own friends.

Way to go Man-At-Arms!

This has let the Evil Forces of Skeletor sneak up behind him.

Sk-Klone does not even know, that at this very moment, right behind him are three evil warriors ready to pounce on him.

Without the use of his radar to warn him of possible trouble, he is oblivious to any danger. He does not even hear them behind him, because he is so reliant on his radar. 

The Evil three are so close now; if only there were some way to warn Sy-Klone.  If only he could hear the screams from Earth of all the internet surfers who are reading this...


Watch out behind you Sy-Klone!

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Stinkor's Revenge 

   Stinkor has his chance to get back at those pesky heroes, especially that Mossman.

   Mossman is turning brown due to the season change, and his powers of clean air, are fading. 

   Hordak has a bad cold and can not smell anything, so Stinkor can let loose and maybe finally beat He-Man, Man-at-arms, and Mossman.

And Man-at-arms is without his armor or his tools.  Will Stinkor get his revenge?  
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Has He-Man Met His End?

   He-Man finds himself surrounded after a nice long swim.

   Mantenna starts to hypnotize He-Man and render him weak and useless in battle.

Can He-Man fight off these four guys with limited strength and without his sword?  

Can He-Man withstand being hypnotized by Mantenna?  

Will someone else come to his rescue? 

You can finish the story with your own figures and find out.  
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Brothers Unite

   Stinkor and Mer-Man realize that they are brother from different mothers.

   All this time they never knew that they were related;  until one day Beast Man kept mixing up the two of them and someone else noted that they look very similar, in fact they were identical, except for the color.  

So they decide to team up and kick some booty.  
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A New Member to join the Horde? 

   Leech asked Hordak, "Can Two-Bad join the Horde?"

Hordak answers, "He seams to be a good warrior.  Lets see how he fights?"

Hordak continues, "You two fight each other.  The winner gets to stay as a Horde member."

Oh man, can you believe Hordak would do that?

Who will win?  Will this be the end of Leech as a Horde member?  Will Two-Bad be a new member?  
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He-Man and Teela together finally. 

   These two belong together.  And now they finally are.  Can they have a nice romantic day at the park?  

   Or will the Evil Masters of the Universe ruin their date?  
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Battle on Merman's Turf 

   He-Man has had it with Merman because Merman always escapes by jumping into the water to get away from him.

   Man-At-Arms has fixed up some old Earth SCUBA diving equipment, that was found in Marlena's Rocket.

   Now, He-Man chases Merman down to the murky depths of the ocean.   

  Is there no escape for Merman; will He-Man finally get his man (Merman)?  
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